Canopy Subscription and Hardware Services Ending

Ford Motor Company has acquired Canopy, the trusted security solution for pickup truck beds. With Ford's commitment to advancing vehicle safety and security, they plan to leverage Canopy's resources and expertise to bolster security solutions for pickup truck owners. Collaboratively, our focus has shifted towards developing the next iteration of the Pickup Cam. As a result, the Canopy Pickup Cam will no longer be available for sale.

If you are a current customer, please refer to our FAQ page on how your account and device will be impacted. If you have further questions or concerns, please reach out to who can assist you further.

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Canopy Security

Take control of what’s in your pickup.


The security system designed for your pickup bed.

HD Live Streaming
AI-Powered Notifications
Cloud Video Evidence

A state of the art system, with brains and brawn.

Canopy’s security camera provides an HD live stream and AI-powered intrusion monitoring of your pickup bed, with an ultra-wide 180° field of view and night vision.

Calibrated to Your Pickup Bed
When you set up Canopy, you can easily calibrate the camera to the specific area and dimensions that correspond to your pickup bed for more accurate security monitoring.
DIY Setup. No fuss.
We engineered Canopy to be simple to set up. With easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll have Canopy up and running quickly. And if you do need extra help or come across something you didn’t anticipate, let us know and we’ll help.
Continuous Power
Canopy uses a rechargeable battery that is designed to power the camera when your vehicle is off. The battery automatically charges up whenever you drive via your vehicle’s OBD-II port.
Powerhouse Processor
To provide you with smarter, timely notifications about potential intrusions to your pickup bed, Canopy pairs our advanced AI model with powerful on-device processing.
I tried the Pickup Cam out for the entire month in two different trucks and was surprised at how easy it was to set up and use right out of the box.
...the best part of using it is that it automatically saves video and stores it in the cloud, which is life-changing when filing police reports and insurance claims.
I like that it didn’t bother me with standard stuff outside the truck bed, though, like someone just walking by in a parking lot. That’s the magic of AI in the unit itself.
Canopy makes me feel more confident parking in locations I wouldn’t have otherwise.
Canopy Beta Tester
I sleep better knowing that my truck is protected.
Canopy Beta Tester
I’ve been waiting for something like Canopy – I’m excited it’s finally here!
Canopy Beta Tester

Manage your vehicle security from anywhere.

The Canopy security camera is powered by a suite of connected services that keep you in control, for just $9.99/month.* You get LTE data to stay connected, and the tools and support to stay protected.

*Monthly service is required to use Canopy.

HD Live Streaming

Wonder what’s happening with your pickup bed when you’re not there? With Canopy, you can check in anytime with a beautiful HD live stream, right from your phone. Wonder no more.

Intrusion Notifications

If someone’s messing with your pickup bed – and more importantly, the stuff inside your pickup bed, you should know. Our AI is trained to monitor your pickup bed specifically, while intelligently ignoring motion and activity outside of it. 

Cloud-Saved Video Evidence

Canopy does more than notify you – if something bad does happen and you do need to report it to authorities or make an insurance claim, Canopy automatically saves video evidence of potential intrusions – safely stored in the cloud.

Unlimited LTE Connectivity

Right out of the box, Canopy comes with a connected data plan that powers live streaming, intrusion notifications, and saving valuable video evidence to the cloud.

Over-The-Air Updates

Your Canopy security system gets better over time – and Canopy’s always-on services ensure that you get software updates automatically, so you can do more and stay in control with the latest features.

Premium Customer Support

When you buy Canopy, you’ve got an entire team behind you. Whether it’s installing Canopy for the first time or taking advantage of the latest software updates, we want you to have the best experience possible.

Why Canopy?

If you’re making the case to yourself – or any other powers that be in your household or business, consider this your cheat sheet.

The Pain Points

You can’t see. You don’t know.
When you park your pickup and walk away, you’re totally in the dark on what’s happening, including potential theft.
Confusion: So many cameras to choose from.
You might be thinking, “There are so many cameras out there. Do I just need a dash cam?”
Break-ins can happen, even if you use a tonneau cover.
If someone breaks into your pickup bed and takes something, you often don’t know until it’s too late.
Not having the power to do something when bad stuff happens.
If you need to file an insurance claim or report it to the authorities, what useful information can you provide?
Complicated instructions, and slow or costly installations aren’t your thing.
You’ve already got a busy life and enough to worry about. You just want something that is easy to install and works right away.

Life with Canopy

Check in live on your pickup bed, anytime.
With Canopy, you can see a sharp, ultra-wide, real-time view of your pickup bed.
Canopy: The only camera calibrated to specifically monitor your pickup bed when your truck is parked.
With an easy calibration tool and built-in AI capabilities, Canopy monitors your truck bed like no other camera system.
Get notified about possible intrusions as soon as they happen.
Canopy uses advanced AI to detect possible intrusions to your pickup bed, so you’ll get timely notifications to keep tabs on what’s yours.
Be ready with video evidence, stored safely in the cloud.
Canopy automatically creates video clips of possible intrusions and saves them to the cloud, ready if you need to take action.
Canopy is easy to install yourself. Really.
Canopy comes with everything you need to install the system yourself – the camera, power supply, cables, and more. No complicated wiring.

You'll love truck life with Canopy

For work

Your pickup dutifully hauls around the tools and equipment that power your livelihood. Get an extra pair of eyes to look after them with Canopy.

For play

You've got an active lifestyle – and lots of nice gear to go with it. If someone tries to take it from you, you’ve got video evidence to take action.

For life

Canopy goes to work when you park your pickup. Whatever moments happen in your pickup bed from there – from the silly to the serendipitous, it’s good to have Canopy.

On a Mission to Revolutionize Vehicle Security

Our story began with a real problem - an increasing number of tradespeople were losing valuable tools and equipment to theft.

Despite the many alarm systems and dashcams in the market today, truck owners aren’t aware of theft until it’s too late.

At Canopy, we saw this problem as an opportunity to redefine vehicle security and create a smarter solution for truck owners.

Join us in reshaping vehicle security. One vehicle, one tool, one day at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the battery last and how do I charge it?

Inside the Canopy Hub is a rechargeable battery designed to power your security system when your vehicle is off. The battery safely recharges itself via an OBD-II Power Cable while the vehicle is moving, so there’s no need to worry about replacing batteries or the system draining your vehicle’s battery. However, if your battery dies for any reason, it can easily be removed and recharged at home using the provided power adapter.

Can I use this with aftermarket window tint?

The Pickup Cam adhesive is not compatible with aftermarket window tint.

Does Canopy make cameras for other vehicle types too?

The Pickup Cam is only compatible with pickup trucks, but we have solutions for other vehicle types in development. Join our email list to learn about future products!

Why pickup trucks?

Truck owners have been looking for a convenient way to keep an eye on their equipment while they're away. Open truck beds are especially vulnerable to theft, and current security solutions leave truck owners unaware of theft until it's too late.

Why does Canopy require a data plan?

Connected features like live streaming, alerts, and storage come standard on the Pickup Cam because we understand how frustrating non-connected camera products can be. When it comes to real-time security, there's no time for hassle.

How is Canopy different than a dash cam?

Think of the Pickup Cam more like a  smart home camera for your truck bed. With 100% focus on surveillance, Canopy has longer-lasting battery, more accurate detection, and faster connectivity than dashcams on the market. If you're in the market for security, think Canopy. If you want to record the road while you're driving, go with a dashcam.

Can I purchase multiple Pickup Cams for my fleet?

At this time, we are supporting only one system per account. Please stay tuned for upcoming updates regarding fleet support.

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